if i knew the way, i would take you home

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Want to hate you but then I kiss you
Want to kill you but then I miss you
Drive me crazy but I love you
Make me lazy but I love you

(via rodehead)

The Edgar Allen Poem

Here is the sea

there are my troubles

I’ll write them half down 

put them in a glass bottle of wine

we’ll drink tonight and toast for 

Free Dominic he’s 

been inside for ten years

His mind rots away as he 

cracks open the next 

wine, he’ll dine tonight

 and toast for

Truth is only

What you want it to be

You can figure it out

as you sit on a tree

Or you can drink some wine  

and feel it’s lies

Thoughts flow freely

I see clearly

That my thoughts flow freely

Sometimes I drink wine 

to feel

Finally she’s blind to

the light he gave her

She’ll die all alone

in the lords favor 

But why? Why?

This is why she drinks

Winding down from

the smiles and sorrows 

He held her heart

but she had to part

of the World is drunk


Loneliness is what 

people say is untrue 

But at the end of the day

who can you run to?

please don’t say wine

My thoughts flow freely

I’ve seen clearly

My thoughts flow freely

I must have AD

HD TV is really cool

you can sit all day

blankly rotting 

brain cells away

or you can breathe

"In this life

there really is nothing”

"if you think about it,

we’re here for something”

I don’t know

I don’t care

i don’t care

I don’t care

What does it mean? (nothing)

What does it mean? (nothing)

My thoughts flow freely

What does it mean? 


Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die,
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams.
For if dreams go,
Life is a barren field
Covered with snow.

~ Langston Hughes